We are focusing on accelerating learning by not learning but by exposing and exposing



  • Our Team


    Yuichi, Director and Founder

    Tokyo, Japan

    Jessica, M6M English Chief-Trainer

    M6M Indonesian Trainer

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Michael, M6M English Chief-Facilitator and Trainer

    M6M Indonesian Trainer

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Yudhis, M6M English Chief-Designer and Trainer, Facilitator

    M6M Indonesia Chief-Designer

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Chloe, M6M English Trainer, Facilitator


    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Iqbal, M6M Indonesian Trainer, Facilitator


    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Niccol, M6M Spanish Trainer, Facilitator


    Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

  •  What They're Saying


    This is how it feels to act as M6M Actor

    "Great experiences!"

    - Haru

    Everything I expected, and more

    "M4M 4 days a week classes were very tough but rewarding."

    - Takeshi

    We all had a good time

    "We all always had great time "

    - Eri